lives - Bruderduetschart! (Big Brother German Style)...

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Bruderduetschart! (Big Brother German Style) Henckel Von Donnersmarck’s undeniably awesome creation The Lives of Others deserves all the acclaim of which it received as winner of the 2006 Best Foreign Film title. This expertly-plotted and beautifully acted film seems, at first, to be the depiction of the Stasi’s strong hold over the East German people. Although the plot line sounds like your average political spy drama, it is far from! The uniquity of the film lies within the emotional attachment the observer gains for the villain, later turned hero, character Captain Weisler. The ritualistic obedience Weisler had once found comfort in is unveiled and his path towards rebirth and redemption ensues. The story begins in 1984, an Orwellian year for an Orwellian tale. A notably rigid, unfeeling (or so it seems) Weisler addresses a group of aspiring interrogators on how to essentially emotionally torture your suspect. His eyes are cold and his expression is unchangingly stern throughout these first scenes. The stern lack of humanity Weisler displays
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lives - Bruderduetschart! (Big Brother German Style)...

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