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motivational speech - Mindee Deal Public Speaking March 8th...

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Mindee Deal Public Speaking March 8th 2011 Motivational Speech MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH *audience should be aware of VSAA quirks; grade levels are referred to as ‘focuses’ designating which art of study the student is enrolled in, Magic Cards are a D& D like trading card game popular amongst nerds, Good Afternoon new-combers! Welcome one and all to the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics. My name is Mindee Deal and I am honored to speak to you today. My involvement with VSAA began fifteen years ago! I was blessed with the opportunity to join the Arts Ambassadors, a group of sixty artistically inclined young people united with the common goal of making our VSAA vision become a reality. Our efforts paid off ten fold, as evidenced by our presence here today. I was 12 when that goal was realized yet I remember it like it were yesterday. .. The year is 1996, the first year of the best years of my youth had just begun. I left for school on my faithful skateboard steed, ballet shoes tied to my backpack which hung low and heavy with the wait of my violin. I couldn’t sleep for two days prior to opening day, my head too heavy with excited thoughts of the school day to come.
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Just as expected, my new academic setting was, for lack of a better word, awesome. The three hour block of “normal” curriculum classes was even enjoyable. I will never forget Mr.Clow, the Geometry teacher with the lightbulb shaped head. Seriously, if a sports team wanted a mascot resembling a lightbulb, Clow would be perfect for the job. Mr.Clow was just as obviously excited and eager for the year ahead as was the entire staff and student body. As part of the Arts Ambassador’s declaration, students and teachers were told to call each other by first name, odd at first but ultimately preferred. The deletion of authoritarian roles in the learning environment helped lessen inhibition. Larry, lightbulb CLow, was the ideal academic instructor. I should know, as I was far from the ideal student. My ability to correctly solve geometry problems is on par with my ability to reach things on high shelves. He was patient, passionate and always friendly. Somehow the same could be said about literally, and I mean that in the literal sense, of every teacher at VSAA. My young mind was open to vast new possibilities. The laid back style of education served as the perfect platform for self-discovery. Every
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motivational speech - Mindee Deal Public Speaking March 8th...

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