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Mindee Deal February 22, 2011 Public Speaking Persuasive Speech Good evening ladies and gentleman, my name is Mindee Deal and I stand before you today with a proposal that could potentially benefit every Washington resident. My plea for positive change involves an initiative which has been in place from the time of the Great Depression. According to eHow.com ‘The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Stamp Program, or FSP, was created on May 16, 1939, with stamps that came in two colors: orange for any food product and blue for surplus. The orange stamps had to be purchased, but for every dollar of orange stamps bought, the buyer received 50 cents of blue stamps for free’. The program underwent many changes from then until now. The most notable, rather pertinent to the topic at hand was the 1977 reform of The Food Stamp Act which eliminated the requirement for food stamps to be bought. Immediately increasing popularity to the tune of 1.5 million participants in little over a year. The rate of participation since then has continued to snowball out of control. Bringing us to the current national rate, as of 2010, of 35.1 million people! THAT COMES OUT TO OVER $2.2 BILLION A YEAR The federal government first initiated the program however the implementation and control is up to the individual state. In Washington, the Department of Social and Health Services controls our version of the program
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sppppp - Mindee Deal February 22, 2011 Public Speaking...

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