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Week III: Motivation I The M…. Word Motivation? No not yet. We will get there. For the moment, however, let’s start out this section with a few (controversial?) statements: The best way to handle people is to tell them what they want to hear. When you ask someone to do something for you, it’s best to give the reasons that carry more weight (rather then the real reasons) It is hard to get ahead without cutting corners here and there. It’s best to take action even though it may not be morally right. There are times when it’s okay to lie to people. Generally speaking, people won’t work hard unless they’re forced to do it. Anyone who completely trusts anyone is asking for trouble. Well how did you do? Wait. Don’t tell me. If you answered a strong yes to these questions there is a possibility that you have a high “M” score along with many managers, attorneys, and politicians. The “M” word here has two possibilities: Machiavelli and manipulation. First to Machiavelli. He was an Italian statesman (politician) that lived 1469- 1527. He was the author of the book “The Prince.” Here is an excerpt: “(the prince or person who leads) skillfully sets forth the idea that a ruler need not trouble himself about the means he uses to accomplish a purpose. He must use any means no matter how wicked to strike down his enemies and make his people obey all these rules so that he stays in power…” Machiavelli goes on to say that people are basically weak, fallible, gullible, and not trustworthy. Basically they are impersonal objects.
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The leader should have very little emotional involvement in relationships---a utilitarian view rather than a moral view of interaction. Additionally it helps a leader to have an accurate perception of the “needs” of the followers (so that within reason he/she can deliver what is required.) His presence was so significant that they named a word after him, the meaning of which is as follows: “actions characterized by expediency, deceit and cunning.” (Would you like to have a word with that meaning named after you?) To boil down the above: THE END JUSTIFIES THE MEANS. The next M word is Manipulation, which is much like the above.
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applied management - Week III Motivation I The M Word...

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