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Human Rights Missions In Forensic Anthropology

Human Rights Missions In Forensic Anthropology - o Angola...

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Human Rights Missions in Forensic Anthropology Victims of human rights abuses o The right to life and freedom , free from fear of persecution o The right to ones heritage and history As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else Or offensive o The right to know the truth and reconcile a conflict within the bounds of one’s culture Areas in which we have worked thus far: o Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia, Croatia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Panama, Georgia and Iraq Areas in which others have worked:
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Unformatted text preview: o Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chili, Columbia, Congo, east Timor, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Sierra Leone, Rwanda, Haiti, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Kurdistan and others • Goals for forensic investigation of human rights abuses: o Collect and document evidence for crimes o Report findings to tribunals and family organizations o Find, identify and repatriate victims to their families ss...
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