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exam14 - 3 |'~.Il?hy Ics1'm'Aerll23I2003 Final Examination...

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Unformatted text preview: 3 | ..'~.Il?hy§- Ics1'm- . 'Aerll23I2003 . ' Final Examination 3 - maestro-1st. ' I H I I I _ The Ell-El kg hleck B is held in place by a saunter-might A attached by the pulley assembly shmvn. The light ‘ cable is attached en c-neend tn the fixed ceiling and enthe ather- end tetheaxle efthepulley C. The axle er- .thispulley lll'anrl thehlcck B are ennneetedby arigid bracket. The hiackli sits on afi'ietienless incline whose tangent is 3M. Assume the pulleys are massless and fi-ietinnlws. ' .a}'CaJeulate the mass of the cannter-neight necessary to keep the block B in place. While B isheld in place, the mass cffi. isreduced to fill kg. Then befits and B arereleased frnrnrest. h) Calculate the initial acceleration nf'B. - c} Find the velocity nfBjust before ithits the spring, andtlte velocity efA atthis same instant. d) Determine the value of the spring censtant necessary so that the maximmn-displaeement 'ei' B dawn the incline is 9.4 meters. Assume the spring to he masaless. ' ' Per the diagrams shutting all the infer-nastiest nmsary to calculate the answers. Fer the calculation and cerrect answer for 3a). b) For the calculatien and correct answer for 3h). e) For the velncities DfA and E, at the instant B hits the spring. d) Per the value efthe spring constant to step hieek B in 0.4 m. mmmuitn: Eb a-n-u-a-I-L 4'" ssssss was I: ”ma 3 *1 3555‘ $1 . -. friliirlrflirruez .._ ' " .1. ‘- :1. sssssss s: m m: :. ________ ...
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