Intro & study of human anatomy-3

Intro & study of human anatomy-3 - Introduction Study...

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March 29 th th , 2011 Readings and Information Chapter 1 : The Study of Human Anatomy in Human Anatomy , Saladin 2e Atlas A : Survey of Human Anatomy See below for detailed information on text readings – we usually don’t read the entire chapter but rather focus on a few key points Read the article listed below – articles are also linked on the “Readings” page of the course website Read syllabus and review course schedule – note exam dates!! Register your clicker: Homework assignment #1 is open from Tuesday March 29 th at 5pm until Tuesday April 5 th at 6am. A URL link for each HA’s will be emailed to you when it opens via Catalyst. The URL will also be posted on the course website via the “Catalyst Tools” link on the home page. Questions from your text that are useful for reviewing: Before you go on: 2,3,5, 16,17 (chapter 1) Think about it: pg 5 (chapter 1): Testing your recall: 1-4,16,17 (chapter 1): 1-16, 18-20 (Atlas A) True/false: 1,3-5 (chapter 1): 1-10 (Atlas A) Testing your comprehension: 2 (chapter 1): 1-3 (Atlas A) Read before coming to class on Wednesday Read about anatomical position on page 23. Look at figure A.1 & 2. Stand in anatomical position – be precise. o When you are in anatomical position, are your forearms pronated or supinated?
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Intro & study of human anatomy-3 - Introduction Study...

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