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Click to edit Master subtitle style 4/19/11 Osteoporosis Biology 119, Fall Quarter, 2010 Jamie Medhaug, Annie Nguyen, Lindsay Sauerlender, Srinya Sukrachan Past Treatment Present Treatment Future Treatment Referenc es Overvi ew Combining IGFs (insulin growth factors) - Insulin produced in liver and stimulates natural bone growth - researchers suspect that this treatment may also be able to "reverse osteoporosis" - Called “combining IGFs” because scientists found that IGF-II and IGFBP-2 can make new bone - IGF complex stimulated the production of bone-forming cells Calcitonin - Calcitonin is a hormone that is naturally produced in thyroid gland; Calcitonin slows bone loss by reducing bone resorption - Shown to reduce bone loss and decrease vertebral fracture risk - Increase in amount of calcitonin in body reduces the amount of Calcium resorption from bones. American Academy of Family Physicians. 2009. Osteoporosis.
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