Lecture 6

Lecture 6 - Midterm Test: *October 19 in class (20%)...

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Midterm Test: *October 19 in class (20%) *Chazan text pp. 1-205 (minus Ch.2) *Multiple Choice, short/long answer *Strategy: *Information management: hierarchy of priorities *Lectures guide text *Each lecture equal weight *Focus on themes *Think about details within themes (e.g., sites, species, tool traditions, varying positions, etc.) Holocene Environmental Changes Climate Sea Levels The Holocene (after 12,000 BP) Environment/Ecology *glaciers melt and boreal forests emerge in the north *Warmer temperature globally *Sea levels rise *Extinction of (northern) megafauna *Creation of many new ecozones and ecotones with the migrations of plants and animals into new areas Human Developments *migrations into many new ecozones/ecotones *rise in human populations *Trend towards decreased mobility *increase in residential and regional stability within reduced territories *more intensive exploitation of regional subsistence resources *broad spectrum resource exploitation The Mesolithic *period of human history beginning towards the end of the Pleistocene (c. 12,000 BP or
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Lecture 6 - Midterm Test: *October 19 in class (20%)...

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