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Nov 9th Note - 00:49 Economicpower o /distribution,trade...

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00:49 Sources of Power in ancient: Economic power o control over production/distribution, trade Ideological power o control over religion, ideology Status and Prestige o Achieved Status: earned through achievements o Ascribed Status: inherited with birth or affiliation Political power and legitimacy: coercion and consensus o military conquest o caging mechanisms o systems of dispute resolution and law - making. Social and Political Complexity A concept anthropologists attach to a suite of social and political strategies for  organizing larger scale societies Political and social complexity are associated with: o The development/escalation (and institutionalization) of social inequalities  (beyond gender and age) o The development of centralized authority: control and management of  society in the hands of few individuals Economi Organiz ation Social  Organizatio n Political 
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Nov 9th Note - 00:49 Economicpower o /distribution,trade...

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