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20:08 November 28, 2009 Notes Types of Trade and Exchange Reciprocity Symmetrical exchange Positive/generalized Reciprocity o Exchange with return Parents… Balanced Reciprocity o Expected to be returned Mayans Negative Reciprocity o A material benefit Redistribution The exchange of goods through a centralized authority If primary form of exchange for Chiefdoms and sometimes in states Catalhoyuk Market Exchange A standard exchange rate States --- Large scale societies normally can have any of these systems Exchange systems in the Archaeological Record sourcing of raw materials movement of high density, high value objects
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the distribution of manufactured items early documents patterns of consumption Renfrew’s Peer Polity Interaction The unit of political organization is smaller than the network of social and  economic relations. Social demand creates economic changes.
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Nov 28th Note - 20:08 November28,2009 Notes...

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