Oct 14th Note

Oct 14th Note - Duvanny Yar Interval (25,000 14,000 BP)...

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Midterm Test October 19 th in class (20%) Chazan Text pp. 1-205 (minus ch. 2) Multiple Choice and short/long answer Strategy: - Information management: hierarchy of priorities - Lectures guide text - Each lecture equal weight - Focus on themes - Think about details within themes (e.g. sites, species, tool traditions varying positions, etc.) Peopling of the Americas Hypotheses: - Clovis First o Contends that Clovis Culture (13,500-12500 BP) is the initial human occupation of the Americas. Made by expert tool makers to be used with big game hunting, hearths. Thin fluted projectile points. - Pre-Clovis - Early arrival o First arrival in Americas at 50000 BP Routes: - Beringia – the land mass under the gap between Alaska and Russia o Migration When the sea levels drop with periods of glaciation it creates land bridges between NE Asia and NW America. Open during 2 intervals Happy Interval (75,000-40,000 BP) – conditions were warmer than today.
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Unformatted text preview: Duvanny Yar Interval (25,000 14,000 BP) After 14,000 the ice age ends. Cold returns (13,000 11,500 Younger Dryas Interval) Hunting communities from NE Asia follow herds across land bridge.-Ice Free Corridor-Coastal route south (along the pacific coastline) Solutrean-An Association between tool types, argues that Solutrean points resemble Clovis point-Oceanic (Atlantic) ? First Humans in East and Northeast Asia-Human settlement in central and east Asia begins by at least 40-35,000 BP-Micro-blade (chipped stone, pressure flaking, tiny edges) traditions first in North China-Microblades as important part of Dyukthai Culture assemblage (18-12,000 BP)-Asian side (Dyukthai Culture), Western Side (Alaska) (Denali Complex)-Links o Chipped stone tools, biface, microblades o Hunting adaptation big game, migrating herds o Settlements Occupation of Beringia....
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Oct 14th Note - Duvanny Yar Interval (25,000 14,000 BP)...

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