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18:47 Oct 26 th  Note Natufian as complex Hunter-gatherers Social and Material Signs of Complex H-G’s Delayed return economy Surplus production Division of labour Land tenure? High population densities Villages Social ranking? Trade/exchange Chapter 2 The History of Archaeological Theory     Speculative Period Lack of Data about archaeological/geological/history Descriptive Period Cultural taxonomies, culture areas, culture histories Inductive logic (patterns from examples) Explanatory Period Science/Processualism: the search for laws Culture as a system, culture is an adaption Deductive logic (search for causes) Interpretive/anthropological Period Culture is historical, people make decisions
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Universal truths are elusive - Lewis Binford was the ‘creator of new Archaeology/Anthropology Culture as Adaptation Humans have adapted to  o Climate change
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Oct 26th Note - 18:47 Oct26 Note...

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