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Sept 16th Note

Sept 16th Note - Sept 16th 2009 Notes Term Clarification...

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Sept 16 th 2009 Notes Term Clarification: Homonoid: all great apes (chimps, humans, gorillas, orangutans, gibbons) Homonid: only chimps, humans, gorillas. Homonin: only humans since separation from chimps Early Homonins and the Lower Paleolithic Basal Paleoloithic: - early species - australopithecines and paranthropus The Lower Paleolithic - Homo habilis/rudolfensis Cultures of the Lower Paleolithic - technology - economy Early African rift Valley - Extends from Malawi in southern Africa to Turkey and Syria. - 3 Characteristics make it valuable for early homonin sites o it is a trough that fills up with sites improving preservation/fossilization. o It is tectonically active so there is uplift and erosion to expose the ancient sites. o It is volcanically active creating datable layers of ash to separate the stratigraphy. - Homonins seem to have always been working and succeeding in large groups, this is thought to help in increasing the size of our brains than others.
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