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Sept 23rd Note

Sept 23rd Note - Social Organization-Possible buildings o...

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Notes: Sept 23 rd Acheulian: - Prepared Core - Bifacial symmetry - Soft hammer percussion Challenges of Hominin Sites - Finding them - Identifying lithic industry o Oldowan and Acheulian are similar - Identifying Hominin species o H. Habilis and H. erectus Uses of Fire - Very little evidence for controlled use of fire from Oldowan and Acheulian sites in Africa - Tentative evidence for the use of fire by early hominins dates to 1.4 mya in Kenya at the site of Chesowanja. o The burnt clay at Chesowanja may be from a hearth or the result of natural fires. - Zhoukoudian (China) - Heat - Defence Subsistence: - Scavenging - Still no strong evidence for hunting - Zoukoudian (China) – cave - Olorgesallie (Africa): elephant - Torralba and Ambrona (Spain): - It has been shown that there was no hunting but scavenging, when the heard were in a chokehold they would go down and hunt.
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Unformatted text preview: Social Organization-Possible buildings: o Terra Amata (France): Acheulian industry, no bones o Oval arrangements of stone are thought to represent house of tent floors ranging in size from 6-15 meters o Paleo-surfaces with hearths o 400kya-Cave sites/fire imply households-Language: o Larger frontal lobe area o Vocal appartus is elongated o They certainly communicated o Possible symbolic artifacts Later Lower Paleolithic Sites-Zoukoudian (China): H. Erectus o 500kya-Boxgrove (UK): archaics o 500kya, communal hunting?-Atapuerca (Spain) archaics(!) o 800-900kya Pleistocene-1.8mya-14kya-Climatic instability-Landforms: 4 major glacial advances-Ice cores: at least 8 (Ice ages) Middle Paleoloithic Technology-The levallois Technique o A prepared core technology o...
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