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Sept 30th Note

Sept 30th Note - o La Cotte de S Brelade Mammoth and rhino...

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Notes Sept 30 th 2009 Neanderthal Chronology and Ecology - There was a transition in cognitive capacity, it grew. - Many modern traits, large faces, but small features. - Advanced their tool making, by using different methods and smarter more efficient methods. Stone tools Debate - there are several theories o The assemblages represent different cultural or ethnic groups o The assemblahes rep functional tool kits assembled to deal with a package of taskes such as those involved with the seasonal exploitation of diverse plant and animal species o The assemblages rep variation based on access to lithic raw materials, Neanderthal mobility and tool use-life (The Frisson effect), as their manufactured they go through a light history, in each site a different set of tools was left behind because each set was going through a different timeline and area. Substinence - They hunted o Umm el Tiel Levallois point in vertebra of wild horse.
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Unformatted text preview: o La Cotte de S. Brelade Mammoth and rhino cliff trap o Combe-grenal 90000-40000 BP hundreds of horses and reindeer, bison-High tropic level o Something that eats high on the food chain.-Krapina (Croatia) o Could be evidence of cannibalism, some have cut marks and only partial bones are left, which shows that they have been killing off their own. o 70000 BP o 43 individuals Site organization-Neanderthals had base camps where resources were brought back for consumption o Many base camp sites are located in caves o Many of these sites show evidence of household living and actually family themes.-Symbolic Behavior o Burial of the dead, intentional burial, child burial, red deer maxilla o Child/goat horns o Burial of a 300 year old male with pollen of flowers o 6 individuals in a series of graves… family??...
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Sept 30th Note - o La Cotte de S Brelade Mammoth and rhino...

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