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Anthropology 103 Introduction to World Archaeology A survey of world archaeology, from the emergence of humankind to the beginning of state societies. Department of Anthropology, UBC, Fall 2009 Instructor: Andrew Martindale, [email protected] (604) 822-2545 Class Location: LSK 200 Time: M,W 12-1 pm Dr. Martindale’s Office: AnSo 1208 Hours: Wed 10-11 am or by appointment. Teaching Assistants: Steve Daniel ( [email protected] ) Alison Torrie ( [email protected] ) COURSE OUTLINE This course will introduce you to the fascinating world of ancient human history and archaeology. Our journey begins over 2 million years ago with a study of the biological and technological achievements of our pre-human ancestors. Along the way we will examine the biological, material and cultural changes associated with the evolution of our species, adaptations to Pleistocene (ice age) and Holocene (today) environments, journeys of migration, hunting and gathering, the origins of farming, the transition from villages to urbanization, and the development of state-level societies such as ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Our goal will be to follow our cultural development from these beginnings on a very broad scale throughout most of the world and look for answers to some of the big questions of the human experience, such as: Who were our first ancestors and why did they start using tools? When did we acquire language? What role does our biology play in our cultural behaviour and what can we learn from non-human primates (apes) about our evolutionary past? Why do we create art? Why did we domesticate animals and plants after thousands of years of hunting and collecting them? Why did we settle in villages? How did we build cities and civilizations, and why did some of us become kings and others commoners? In the process we will also examine some of the scientific methods and the anthropological theories currently employed by archaeologists in their search for answers to understanding human history. Learning Goals An understanding of the long and complex history of humanity. An introduction to contemporary archaeological methods. An introduction to the role of anthropological theorizing in archaeology. Examination of some key case studies from ancient history. Development of skills in analysis, essay writing, discussion, and presentation.
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Course Structure: Lectures and Tutorials This course has 2 hours of lecture per week (Mondays and Wednesdays) and one hour of tutorial (Fridays). Tutorials are conducted by Teaching Assistants (TAs). The subjects covered in tutorial are listed in the lecture outline, below. Note that tutorials start on September 18. Tutorials will cover archaeological methods and discussions of case studies of
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Syllabus - Anthropology 103 Introduction to World...

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