Economic Analysis 1 - Adrienne Burkhart March 7, 2011...

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Adrienne Burkhart March 7, 2011 Economic Analysis Paper 1 FRCC Economic Analysis Recent trends in tuition and enrollment at Front Range Community College illustrates several principles of economics as well as the laws of supply and demand. The amount of money students can afford to pay for school is highly affected by their resources and opportunities. As tuition rates rise, enrollment continues to falter. Students are faced with the principle of economics that the real cost of something is what you must give up to get it. In the time of a recession, opportunity cost can heavily change ones decision to go to school. Students are giving up income they could be making at a job, while also paying tuition and living expenses. While many students understand that school will ultimately make them more in the long run, opportunity cost at the moment makes it not possible. Many students choose to pay tuition using the resource of financial aid. The more financial aid accessed, the higher enrollment rates rise. This type of accessibility displays the principle
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Economic Analysis 1 - Adrienne Burkhart March 7, 2011...

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