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March 25 - her I have passed every class I have taken I...

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March 25, 2010 To Whom it May Concern: When I first started attending college, I was not ready for such a commitment. I did not comprehend how important my education really was, and why I needed to dedicate myself. I was foolishly focused on working at my full time job instead. I failed to do well and withdrawled from multiple classes. I do not have a valid excuse such as a medical condition, or family problems, but I can genuinely say I have drastically changed my life and take full responsibility for my shortcomings. In the last two years I have come into my own. I have a 1-year-old daughter that has changed my life, and made me realize what is important. Since becoming pregnant with
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Unformatted text preview: her I have passed every class I have taken. I also started receiving financial aid to help with college expenses. I want to finish college so I can make a better life for my daughter and I. This is my passion. Without financial aid I will not be able to go to school anymore. If I graduate I will be the first in my family to complete school. It is hard to describe in a letter why I should get a second chance, but I can guarantee that given the opportunity I will prove myself and make sure that your time was worth the consideration. Thank you for the opportunity to have a second chance and better the lives of my daughter and myself. Sincerely, Adrienne Burkhart S00095706...
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