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Adrienne Burkhart Nature Vs. Nurture Debate February 26, 2011 Nature And Nurture Human behavior can be analyzed in a multitude of ways, making it impossible to fully determine that a person’s conduct is based solely on nature or nurture. I believe nature and nurture work together to make a person who they are. There are clear scientific examples, along with everyday life situations that portray such. Our culture of shared learned behavior, combined with our DNA ’s genetic code ultimately makes each of us an individual. An example of how nature can affect homo-sapiens behavior is the genes we inherit through Mendelion genetics , affecting our actions. The University of Tennessee has done a conclusive study on the relationship of genes to alcoholism with a well-defined outcome. A study of children of alcoholics helped to discover four genes that heighten the risk of alcoholism considerably. ( B r y n e r ) They expect that a total of ten genes will be found additionally. Why this study does not say every child of an alcoholic will inherit such conduct, it does show that they are much more likely to then a child without the particular genes. People with such DNA will sometimes react to
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Nature Nurture Essay - Adrienne Burkhart Nature Vs Nurture...

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