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Adrienne Burkhart Step 2 Paper April 11, 2011 College Necessity In today’s society, attending college is no longer a luxury but a necessity for the average person to achieve in life. The extreme difference in lifetime earnings [between college graduates and non-graduates] is extraordinary. The competitiveness found in job hunting is hard to overcome without a good education. The overall pressure from a society that demands college education is insistent. The cost of aAttending college has [sky rocketed] [can you find better phrasing?] as time goes onin recent decades, showing a great impact [on its elasticity] [I’m not sure what the impact “on” elasticity means; I think you mean to say that you will discuss elasticity; you might mean that the high value of education and near-necessity of it make demand price inelastic – do you see how this is a bit vague?] and the attendees students themselves. [I like your overall introduction, despite the mark-ups I’ve added. You give a road map for me to follow.] A college graduate has severely very different earnings from a person without onea degree. According to Jennifer Cheeseman Day and Eric Newburger’s article on work life earnings, a high school graduate makes earns almost half of what a college graduate earns. (Cheeseman Day, and Newburger.) A high school graduate’s lifetime earnings are approximately $1.2 million, while an individual with a bachelor’s degree is at $2.1 million. As education increases, so does salary. These numbers compute to about 26,000 a year vs. 46,000 a year.
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A rational person can clearly see that in the long run, the costs of paying for a college education will be payed off tenfold. [Well, you have not shown the costs of college yet; the difference of $900,000 implies perhaps that the cost is $90,000, but you have not indicated whether the lifetime earnings figures are a net present value, accounting for a proper discounting of the yearly cash flows.] Not only do the earnings increase, but also the opportunity for employment. If we [personal pronoun] disregard pay for a moment, the consideration of
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Step%202%20Adrienne%20Burkhart%2090 - Adrienne Burkhart...

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