class40lec - Lecture Week 7 The Trojan Cycle Odysseus in...

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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 2/16/2011 Week 7: The Trojan Cycle Odysseus in Athens: the Philoctetes • Odysseus as an intellectual • Different person in two plays o Has to do with anxiety • Classical around onset of Persian wars o Athens became most important city in Grece o Enormous military force o War between Athens and Sparta – Athens only loses because it overextends itself (tried to conquer too much extra territory) o Around 450-400 BC, Athens had an empire that covered most of the Agean Sea o Covered trade routes between Greece and Asia, Crete, and Egypt (under control of Athens – makes city very wealthy) o City experienced humanities – painting, sculpture, philosophy, literature Consequences – studying literature of fifth century – most is Athenian (exception in Pendou) – particularly true of drama Athenians set up major city festivals where dramas were performed o Theater of Dionysus (built into side of hill) – where these plays were performed Performances organized as competitions 3 playwrites were chosen – about 12 plays performed over 4 or 5 days People were chosen to win, we have records of who won 6 playwrites had the opportunity to have their works performed in Athens Plays were not re-performed; for 5 th cent. BC there were 1800 plays (only 33 have survived) o Most successful playwrights (Athenian playwritghts)...
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class40lec - Lecture Week 7 The Trojan Cycle Odysseus in...

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