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Unformatted text preview: Lecture 7 Heroic Beginnings Achilleus the Outsider • Hector rushes back to Troy to make a sacrifice to Athena • Passage: beginning of last scene “Tell Priam to come in unseen” o Proves that Achilleus is very special – he weeps with Priam o Swift response – depths behind his words – not natural malevolence, but instead sensitivity o Felt that Patroklos’ death was his fault/responsibility o Achilleus knows he will not reach his homeland o He is the only character who has depth Motivates action of poem Decision to fight required him to reveal his inner self Brough up by a centau Background: alien; swift temperament – he is an outsider Describes himself as “panaerios” – untimely, out of season, at odds with natural rhythm, hints at his untimely death Book 9: when Briseis is take, he calls her his wife and says he loved her greatly...
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