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Wednesday 3/9: Plato Not talking about symposium Only talking about “Republic” Plato born 150 years after Xenophenies o Decided to be philosopher after meeting Socrates o 387 BC: founded academy, first ancient great school of philosophy o Wrote “dialogues” ficticious philosophical conversations for people outside of academy Between Socrates and other people in order to present discussions about philosophical issues Socrates always shown to be right at the end o In book 2 of republic: Socrates talking about justice, decides to approach issue by creating perfect state in their heads Analyze for what works and what doesn’t Rulers have to be perfectly just
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Unformatted text preview: Educate class to be Rulers from early age • Look at stories they are told as children about Gods • Stories by Homer/Hesiod considered false stories about the gods/heroes o Primary example: succession myth o Even if they were true they are dangerous and shouldn’t be told models for behavior o Censorship What should new stories be about? • First mention of ‘theogony’ • God is good, responsible only for good things that happen to humans • Shouldn’t ascrible bad things to God • Huge change from Homer’s take on gods • Two urns-opposite, good and evil from which Zeus pours fortune...
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