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class40mar11 - Friday 3/11 Post-Platonic Critiques of Myth...

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Friday 3/11: Post-Platonic Critiques of Myth Palaephatus: name means ‘told in ancient times’ o Believed to be a pseudonym o On Unbelievable Things —no longer exists, all we have is a summary Prologue Gullible people believe everything they are told but skeptics don’t believe anything at all Believes all story happened because the names don’t appear in isolation without any story behind them 1. Things that existed in the past but don’t exist now never actually existed. Notion of continuity 2. If these things hadn’t happened at all they wouldn’t have been turned into stories. Notion of historical reality o Believes that myth is ‘twisted history’ o Tries to find historical truth behind myth and expose parts that have been exaggerated o Denies possibility that myth is product of genuine human creativity—not about art, literature, etc. Concerned only with the natural realm 45 chapters, each dealing with a particular myth Structure: Summary, asserting that tradition version is false, then presents a new version
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