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EnvS2RLL1 - soft(beach nourishment solutions are needed to...

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Aubrey McMillan Perm: 8729469 Section: T at 5 Real Life Link #1 The issue presented in these materials centers around the erosion faced by the Goleta Beach. The sandy beach, once large enough for volleyball nets, has become small an even nonexistent in some areas due to progressive erosion. The LA times article focuses on proposed plans to “save” this beach. Some of these plans include beach nourishment by replacing sand every year, building break walls and jetties to lessen the effects of pounding waves, and even installing a barrier reef underwater to redirect these waves. Some solutions, such as inserting a sea wall, may allow for short-term beach preservation; however, these solutions may affect marine life and may eventually backfire in the long term. Combinations of hard (sea wall) and
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Unformatted text preview: soft (beach nourishment) solutions are needed to effectively treat this erosion problem. Goleta beach is not only a popular spot for recreation, but has also allowed for the influx of local revenue. Opinion/suggestions • I think that local residents should be surveyed in order to assess their feelings to possible solutions. • To me, a barrier reef seems to be the most viable option, although it would be expensive. • A balance must be found between preventing beach erosion and spending money on expensive solutions. • Goleta beach erosion is definitely one of the most trying issues facing the city of Goleta right now, and should not be taken lightly. • I think UCSB students should become more involved to allow for increased diversity of possible solutions....
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EnvS2RLL1 - soft(beach nourishment solutions are needed to...

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