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Western Zhou – Warring States Political Development o Autonomy of regional states o Assassinations and usurpations (allows one to direct activities of other Powerful families begin to take over o Centralization of power League of cities to territorial states (states constantly at war) – battles got larger and larger, stakes got higher and higher Direct taxation of free peasants Rather than surfs living on manners Peasants got land and directly taxed them Conscript armies Armies get bigger and bigger, along with battles Peasants had primitive weapons Rise of the bureaucrat States like medieval castle towns – territorial states with sovereignty all over territory Bureaucrats were lower-level nobles who had certain skills – became full time technical support Now, people are hired not because family, but because they had skills o Annexation of smaller states Larger states took over smaller states in warring-states period Only 7 major states left around 400BC Social and Economic Developments o Breakdown of feudal system Rise of free peasantry More class mobility Could become merchant, scholar, soldier and move up through society, but could also move down o Population increase (~40,000,000 people by end) Constant urban warfare – how? Iron tools (technical improvements) o Allow you to do so much more – break up land and cultivate Improvements in agriculture o No longer slash-and-burn o Started using fertilizer (human and animal) o Crop rotation o Irrigation – canals to bring water to dry areas o Rise of cities and interregional commerce Different regions in China had different specialties Rise of class of rich merchants – mining iron, salt, cinnabar – become as rich as lords o Coinage Facilitated commerce by casting bronze coinage
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historynotes1 - Western Zhou Warring States Political...

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