Historynotes001 - Intro to the Geography and Rise of China...

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Intro to the Geography and Rise of China Geography o Two rivers – north and south Yellow river arises on the Tibetan plateau –Huang He First state-level societies are Arises in west through series of gorges Picks up soil call loess o Up to 500 ft thick o Easily eroded o People died in loess houses because they collapsed o Loess Plateau has few trees Muddies river in world Frequently flooded but extremely fertile People built up dikes to hold river back Few bridges – people would use skin boat Has changed course throughout history o Some shifts made by nature and some were man made Yangzi River – also originate from Tibetan Plateau Longest river in china (third larges in world) 3/4 runs through mountains 600,000,000 live within 50 mi of this river Rnters three gorges Dumps into marsh are and joins with Shang river and Hang river Rice producing area o China was isolated because of deserts and mountains – blocked easy contact Series of oases skirt desert Himilayas block access to India The step route is open contact Starts in Mongolia to Hungary Grassland with only one mountain chain dividing it up This is how Mongols get to Europe This is where nomadic empires grew Provides point of contrast with china to the south Nomadic in north and agriculture in south (Chinese were farmers) o Constant interactions/fighting Japan o 4 main islands o volcanic and mountainous land o
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Historynotes001 - Intro to the Geography and Rise of China...

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