Historynotes4 - The Han Dynasty Han Political History o...

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The Han Dynasty Han Political History o Founded by Liu Band in 206 BC Not emperor/aristocrat – was a peasant Through Gao managed to defeat shang liu Intelligent and powerful wife, became empress Lu o Empress Lu (r. 188-180BC) Had son, but mother dominated him In 180 bit by a rabid dog o Emperor Wu (r. 141-87BC) 5 generations later – responsible for doubling size of Han territory Bankrupted the state Imposed salt and iron monopolies Obsessed with immortality (fooled by magicians, etc. Just like first emperor of Qin o Wang Mang (r. AD 9-23) Cousin of Chung Wang always served as prime ministers Brilliant textual Confucian/historian Manipulated people by using omens He replaced the emperors with littler emperors Eventually called it the “New Dynasty” Tried to recreate Western Zhou Introduced different rituals Changed coinage repeatedly – confused people Yellow river changed its course – caused huge famine Head was cut off by rebels o Eastern Han (AD 25-220) Led by former members of old Han dynasty Put down rebels to reclaim Han once again Did not have power of Eastern Han Central government lost control Baby emperors dominated by eunuchs and mothers Han Military/Diplomatic History o Xiongnu Wars Xiongnu lived in Mongolia Founder of Han tried to push back Xiongnu Surrounded Wu’s army in winter – had to bribe his way out with presents and had to sign treaty – “peace and brotherhood” Had to give enormous gifts to Xiongnu and princesses every year Too expensive to fight nomads Wu decided to break treaty in 134BC – failed ambush Full-scale war in 129 Killed men, women, and children at borders market 127bc – Chinese sent huge army in ordos and push Xiongnu behind wall
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Historynotes4 - The Han Dynasty Han Political History o...

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