Historynotes6 - The Northern Song(960-1127 and Southern...

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The Northern Song (960-1127) and Southern Song (1127-1276) Contemporary to Heian Japan Looked back to Tang culture and ignored contemporary China Song Political History o Did not dominate like Tang o Sat uncomfortably among equal (multi) states o Always in danger of being destroyed o The most advanced, cultured, etc. society o “height” of all of Chinese culture o Founder of Song was Zhao Kuangyin Emperor Taizu (r. ad 960-976( Overthrew previous boy ruler Wanted to curb power of the generals Paid senor ones off for early retirement Took Yangzi river Brother succeeded him and conquered rest of china by 979 Treaties with Liao AD 1004 and Xia AD 1044 Were nomadic people from eastern-mongolia Decided wanted to take northeast from Liao Brother of first emperor attempted but had to retreat Had to sign treaty with Liao after being defeated in 1004 Had to consider foreign states as equal – had to pay 100,000 ounces of silver and ilk every year not to invade o Increased in subsequent years o Economists believe this was small percent of GDP Xia were like tibetens in northwest in territory that Tang used to control o Song had military conflict with o Song were defeated by them and signed treaty with silver o Still did not hurt economy of Song The New Policies Wang Anshi (AD 1021-1086) 1065 defense was 83% of income Wang Anshi wanted to not increase taxes and get more revenue Hired merchants to be officials Converted labor tax to cash tax Expanded government monopolies on tea, salt, and wine Buffered price of grain Gave loans of low interest to peasants Sima guang argued back o Wanted to tax people o Wang Anshi was obsessed with economic growth o The two purger eachother’s ffactions North overrun by Jin, 1126-7 Became new threat to Liao Song made treaty with Jin to defeat Liao Destroyed Liao Jin realized China was weak 1126 captured Chinese emperor and son Chinese underestimated Japanese Jin Hundreds of thousands of Chinese fled from north to south Then, southern Song took over Southern Song
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1127-1276 Prince pursued by Jin and became first emperor of southern song 1276 destroyed by Mongols southern song had to sign treaty with Jin in 1141 to pay silver and silk, but was not called “gift” to equal state
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Historynotes6 - The Northern Song(960-1127 and Southern...

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