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The Mongols and the Yuan Dynasty of China Rise of Genghis Khan o Less complex political organizations Herd sheep, etc Nomadic groups grow up in proximity to settled groups in order to cyphon off resources from more complex societies Need booty from settled society to maintain hierarchy – give to subordinates Without someone to conquer, nomadic empire falls apart Empires are ever-expanding organizations Aztecs had same system – led to distruction o Genghis Khan (1167 -1227) – the rise of Temujin (born name) Some people think dessication caused steppe to come into closer contact with china o Social, economic, political order o Mythic founding of lineage o Birth and early life of Temujin Ancestor conceived by wolf and dove His great-great grandfather was conceived after something rubbed on her belly Genghis had to scrap for a living He ripped a blood clot from mother’s hand – meant he would steal from family but would be great Once killed brother Once young, captured by group and had to live in group Married a woman, but left her – she was taken prisoner then gave birth Descent did not go through child Got many supporters – people saw his skills o Unification of steppe peoples (1206) Anointed by shaman – named the leader Genghis Khan means ruler from ocean to ocean Reorganized military into decimal system Left Mongolia to conquer other groups The Mongol conquests in Eurasia o First Campaign (1218-1225) Destroyed great cities of central acia Reconnoitered Europe, India Faced hundreds of thousands of people – outnumbered, but terrorized cities into surrendering Horseback techniques – capturing and disappearing o Second Campaign (1236-1241) – led by son, not Genhis Devastates Russia (Moscow, Kiev 1240) Battles in Poland, Hungary (Liegnitz 1241) – thought these people were sent by satan Halted only by Ogodei’s death (1241) – everyone had to go home to see who would be next khan Other khans take place o Third Campaign (1255 -1260) – Mongke Khan was leader Retook persia, captured Baghdad (1258) – destroyed one of greatest cities of world Battle of Ain Jalue (1260) – death of Mongke First military defeat Broke mystique of undefeatable Mongols
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HistoryNotes7 - The Mongols and the Yuan Dynasty of China...

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