Historynotes11 - The Qing Dynasty of China (AD 1644-1911)...

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The Qing Dynasty of China (AD 1644-1911) The Manchus o From same Jurchen ethnic group as Jin o Nurhaci (1559-1626) – brought resurgence Born to noble family of Jurchen Taken part in Ming tribute system – how conducted foreign policy Emperor would give enormous gifts in exchange for tribute Saw that Ming dynasty was falling apart Reorganized Banner system – reorganizing Jurchen society along colored banners (8 different varieties) Banner for Mongols, captured Chinese, etc. – identified in battle and registering for household Khan of the “Jin Dynasty” - 1616 Written script Developed to write language borrowed from Mongolian o Hong Taiji (1592-1643) Son of Nurhaci Extended rule into Korea up to great wall Changed name to Manchu – nobody knows what means Manchurian is dead language Familiar with Chinese – had Chinese advisors Created mirror image of China across great wall Attracted Chinese official ruined by ming dynasty More Chinese than actual Chinese state – set up by non-chinese Died with child heir – not best time Fall of the Ming, founding of the Qing o Final emperor – chongzhen emperor (1627-1644) Tentative – could not play factions in court Several great plagues and rebel bands o Li Zicheng and Zhang Zianzhong – two great rebels Li was from rural family – ruthless and violent – bandits Enrolled in army then rebelled Raided cities Looted some Ming tombs Zhang had similar background Sometimes worked together, etc. o Plagues 1624-1643 o Li Zicheng takes Beijing, April 1644 None of emperor’s ministers showed up Tried to kill family o Chongzhen hangs himself Rope fell, died in bushes The Manchu Conquest
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Historynotes11 - The Qing Dynasty of China (AD 1644-1911)...

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