HistoryNotes13 - European Imperialism in East Asia China...

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European Imperialism in East Asia China The Macartney Mission, 1792-3 The Opium War and Treaty System The Taiping Rebellion Chinese Reforms The Boxer Rebellion Japan The Opening of Japan The Meiji Restoration AD 1750-1800 – The Turning of the Tide” o China – world leader – AD 300-AD 1700 o Industrial Revolution in Europe mid to late 1700s decline and science and technology to gain industrial power o Slow decline in China At first unnoticible During reign Qianlong emperor Per capita income was going down Rebel bands Manchus were powerful Emperor let favorite in to take over rule – friends extorted money o Growing negative view of China in Europe China used to be “better” society However, view changed after Jesuits stopped writing good letters English and dutch ran into corruption in China and wrote back negative letters China was backwards and underveloped “Only Europe had history” o Expansion of mercantilist system European – mostly monopolies – joint stock companies – looking for new opportunities in East Asia The Macartney Mission 1792-3 o British grievances British became addicted to tea Silver was flowing out of Britain and into China – couldn’t manage to sell anything to China Chinese wanted to be able to trade anywhere in country o Lord George Macartney – British East Trading company hired him to go to China and negotiate favorable trade options China viewed trade through subservient system – political legitimating British wanted free trade – establish treaty, etc. o Trouble over the “kowtow” Chinese told him he needed to perform rituals of Chinese tribute system Macartney did not want to do this Eventually there was a compromise Chinese still did not want British ambassadors – refused everything Macartney asked for o Dismissive letter to King George from Chinese Emperor Angered british monarch Macartney noticed that Chinese had weak military – primitive Chinese didn’t want anything that Britian made o The ominous threat In journals, Macartney wrote that they could sink Chinese fleet in a matter of days (happened 40 years letter)
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HistoryNotes13 - European Imperialism in East Asia China...

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