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People’s Republic of China, Mao years: 1949-1976 Founding of the PRC o Nationalists retreat to Taiwan Nationalists and Communists raced to make Japanese surrender Americans intervened for Nationalists – Nationalists got there first Communists did control Manchuria (red army) and took on fight against Nationalists Nationalists had problems because of war devastation and inflation (corruption, etc.) US started cutting off nationalists and red army started winning because of land reform Red army gave peasants land, who then volunteered for red army and marched with communists Poor people vs. corrupt nationalists Nationalists retreat to Taiwan and took imperial art collections with them o PRC founded October 1, 1949 When Mao’s army marched into Beijing without a fight and took over center of Beijing Recognition from Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Berma, Indai, and then Great Britain, others then followed in 50s Not until 70s when US gave China recognition Three power structures First was Communist party run by central committee with 44 members – Polet Bureau core rune by 5 o Chairman Mao and generals were 5 Then the formal Bureaucracy of Government State Council – Zhou Enlai made premier of state, in charge of Bureaucracy that had 24 ministries (but Mao in charge of government and party The army – divided into regions then smaller units, thus army had government power Goals of first year was to get handle on inflation, restore heavy industry (Japs wrecked everything), maintain law and order in cities At first everything had to wait (capitalists kept property) Took over banks though Russians shipped in Soviet advisors to help build steel and oil mills (49-50) o Land Reform Came next Violent and messy affair Carried out over broad area – work teams were sent in and taught peasants how to rebel against landlords (40% land was seized, 60% population got additional land) Took part in struggle sessions – Landlords beaten, etc. Many landlords were killed – even if related to landlord, you would never get a good job, haunted for rest of life o The Korean War Less and 1.5 years after founding North Korea invaded South Korea at urging of Soviets Troops from UN sent to Korea – allies won victories Douglas pushed NK back to border of China China was invaded without permission Douglas eventually fired Chinese came over border secretly – 700,000 Chinese troops started fighting with North Koreans
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HistoryNotes15 - Peoples Republic of China, Mao years:...

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