Semester Report- HFT 4941

Semester Report- HFT 4941 - HFT 4941 Semester Report - by...

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HFT 4941 Semester Report - by Joshua Zelcer At the start of the semester, I had already been a Marriott employee for over a year as a Vacation Planner, selling Timeshare Preview Vacation Packages to Marriott Reward Members. As I began my second internship, Marriott promoted me to a new position, which was Owner Referral, where I did basically the same thing but I had to get my customers through the owners that had already bought the timeshares and I got my own computer and email account! Clearly, being offered a promotion and a new job was a great opportunity to me and essentially it was Marriott’s way of assuring me that my work was valuable to them and that I was doing a good job. Of course moving out of my familiar role to a new position and new responsibilities made me anxious, and as a result, I had mixed emotions about this move. The promotion meant I was making progress towards my career goals, but I also knew that it would be challenging. I was unsure if I could handle the new responsibilities entailed in this job. Not only were my responsibilities different, there were more of them. I was feeling overwhelmed. As a fulltime student, with a busy class schedule, as well as a community service project that took up a lot of time, plus my responsibilities to my fraternity, my friends, and family- I was worried that I had taken on something that was going to be too much for me. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to handle the new obligations and responsibilities, and that if I messed up it could ruin my chances of ever getting a new promotion again. But I knew that despite my worries, I needed to go forward and do my best to make it all work out. And I did! As things began to fall in to place, I started to feel more comfortable and there were definitely
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Semester Report- HFT 4941 - HFT 4941 Semester Report - by...

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