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Abstract - scan the poem to form a picture Besides we add...

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Abstract 1. Our goal is to make a nice and decent random poem and use the poem to create some pictures. Our method of making the poem is using Google search. We can use Google to search for documents containing the word and then we randomly pick a result and get the word after the word we search. By using this method, the markov chain process will make more sense. Then we use the poem to make picture. Basically every letter represents a pixel in the picture and we
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Unformatted text preview: scan the poem to form a picture. Besides we add some algorithms to make the picture fancier. 2. We also have some other thoughts : 1). Even though we had this idea about random poems, we didn’t program it. 2). We can make the image more related to the context (use Google Model?). 3). Add some music with these awesome poems and pictures. 4). How to make visual arts back to poems?...
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