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AEM 1200-Spring2011

AEM 1200-Spring2011 - AEM1200 Introduction to Business...

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AEM1200 Introduction to Business Management Syllabus, Spring 2011 Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management CORNELL UNIVERSITY AEM 1200 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS MANAGEMENT Spring 2011 Professor Pedro David Pérez 203 Warren Hall 607-255-4697 [email protected] Course Support Specialist Ms. Nancy Bell 107 Warren Hall 607- 254-1297 [email protected] Professor Perez’s Office Hours W 11:30 am – 2:30 pm (subject to modification) NOTE: course business can also be conducted before and after class. Course Mailbox - [email protected] Please send all administrative inquiries related to AEM 1200 to this address Course Web Page - Available on Blackboard. Students must make sure that they’re registered and, if not, register themselves into the AEM1200 Blackboard website. Students who fail to comply may be dropped from the course at the end of add/drop period. Teaching Assistants Chelsey Kaplan - [email protected] Kyle Peters - [email protected] Corinna Romantic – [email protected] Salina Sabri – [email protected] Scott Shapiro – [email protected] TA Office Hours - TBA. All office hours are held in 46 Warren Hall. Class Meeting Times - MWF 10:10 am – 11 am - David Call Auditorium in Kennedy Hall Required Textbooks Nickels, William G.; James M. McHugh and Susan M. McHugh (2010) Understanding Business : 9 th edition. New York: The McGraw-Hill Companies. Chapters 4 and 12 of Williams, Chuck (2011). MGMT3 . Mason, OH, South-Western Cengage Leaning. Additional materials will be distributed in class periodically or posted on Blackboard. Description of the Course This course provides an overview of management and business. Human resources, marketing, finance, strategy, and leadership concerns are addressed with consideration paid to current issues such as sustainability, ethics, globalization, and entrepreneurship. January 12 th , 2011 1
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AEM1200 Introduction to Business Management Syllabus, Spring 2011 Course Objectives AEM1200 empowers students by exposing and explaining a wide range of business management concepts, skills, and activities. At the end of the course, you will: Understand the basic activities and processes of professional business management through exposure to relevant concepts in operations and human resources management, marketing, finance, economics, and strategic management and planning; Understand the sources and possible consequences of current events in the activities of professional business management, especially in the areas of sustainability, diversity, and globalization; Become acquainted with the stakeholder, sustainability, and legal and ethical guidelines that help business managers make sense of the social, political, legal, and regulatory environment of business firms; Understand business management as an empowering force through the study of entrepreneurship, teamwork, and leadership; Become aware of professional business management skills that are useful in personal life, including business, financial, and career planning; Have had an opportunity to integrate tools and concepts in an optional final project.
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