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AEM1200-01.24 - Department of Applied Economics and...

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Unformatted text preview: Department of Applied Economics and Management Management CORNELL UNIVERSITY AEM 1200 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS INTRODUCTION MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT Pedro David Pérez Spring 2011 People People Course Support Specialist Ms. Nancy Bell / 107 Warren Hall / 254-1297 [email protected] Teaching Assistants (46 Warren Hall) Chelsey Kaplan - [email protected] – A – C Chelsey [email protected] Kyle Peters - [email protected] – D – H [email protected] Corinna Romantic – [email protected] - I – M [email protected] Salina Sabri – [email protected] – N – S [email protected] Scott Shapiro – [email protected] – T – Z [email protected] Activities Activities Prof. Perez lectures Guest lectures Amy Benedict, CALS Career Development Office, 1/28; Jaron Porciello, Mann Library, 4/11 (tentative); Jaron (tentative) Prof. Dale Grossman, Dyson School, 4/22 (tentative); Prof. (tentative) Prof. Brian Earle (emeritus), Dept. Comm/CALS, 4/29 Prof. (tentative). (tentative). TA office hours Exams Optional Project Evaluation Evaluation 1st In class Evaluation – W 2/9 – 50 pts 2nd in class Evaluation – W 2/23 – 50 pts 3rd in class Evaluation – W 3/9 – 50 pts 4th in class Evaluation – F 4/1 – 50 pts 5th in class Evaluation – W 4/20 – 50 Final exam: Friday May 13th, afternoon; 100 pts Final Optional Group Project; 100 pts Groups of three Deadline for commitment: Friday April 15th Deadline for delivery: Monday May 9th, before noon before CALS Career Services Office; 3 pts Possible participation in research projects; 2 pts Participation and attendance viewpoints; 1pt each Extra Credit – Max. 15 pts Extra Max. Grading Options Grading Best four out of five in-class evaluations (50 pts Best each), and final (100 pts); each), Best four out of five in-class evaluations (50 pts Best each), and optional project (100 pts); each), A combination of the best of in-class evaluations, combination optional project, and final. optional Objective of the Course Objective AEM1200 strives to empower students AEM1200 by exposing and explaining a wide range of business management concepts, skills and activities. What is business? What Activity seeking profit Activity profit Provides goods/services Satisfy standard of living- quality of life Why Profit? Why As long as people are free to engage with each As other in voluntary economic transaction, the selfother iinterest of people (and companies) results in nterest public benefit; public Greed and self interest are two different things! Monopolies also hurt economic freedom; Distorted prices may result in net Distorted impoverishment. impoverishment. Objectives of Business Objectives Survival Growth Profit Social Social Responsibility Responsibility Behaving Professionally Create and manage your own Create filing system filing (pg. P-4 – P-7) (pg. Making a good first Making impression impression Focusing on good grooming Being on time Practicing considerate Practicing behavior behavior Practicing good “netiquette” Practicing good cell phone Practicing manners manners Being prepared Computer based Hardcopies Personal documents: Building your Personal resume and C.V. resume Read and otherwise collect Read information information Business press: WSJ, Business Week, Business Financial Times, NYT, your own local newspaper; newspaper; Business programming: MSNBC, Business Nightly Business Report (PBS) Nightly Internet!!! Attend lectures and seminars in your Attend university and community. university Network, network, network Time Management (pg. P-11-12) (pg. Know what you have to do Keep a “to do” list Prepare a daily schedule Prepare weekly and monthly schedules Space out your work Defend you study time Never let a day pass without some achievement Write weekly goals for yourself Prepare for the next day the night before Take time for fun Patiently accumulate successes Motivate yourself The skills that make a person employable are not so much the ones needed on the job as the ones needed to get the job, skills like the ability to find a job opening, complete an application, prepare the resume, and survive an interview. and Occupational Outlook Quarterly U.S. Department of Labor Take-Aways Take-Aways Businesses are organizations oriented towards Businesses offering products and services with the objectives of surviving, growing, and serving the public while making a profit. public Business knowledge is a critical tool for success Business in contemporary society; in Business knowledge can be divided into: Knowledge of business concepts and activities; Knowledge of business culture, appropriate behavior Knowledge and appropriate personal management skills; and Knowledge of job searching, job getting and job Knowledge keeping techniques. keeping ...
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