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Name: Group: Reading Questions 1: The Five Canons of Rhetoric (Silva Rhetoricae) Directions : First read the Reading Questions Assignment handout sheet (available on CULearn) to familiarize yourself with instructor expectations. Then carefully read the following assignment and type up answers to the questions below. Remember, only typed responses are accepted. Reading Assignment: From the website Silva Rhetorica ( http://humanities.byu.edu/rhetoric/silva.htm ) read the following excerpts: “What is Rhetoric,” “Rhetorical Pedagogy,” “Rhetorical Ability”, “The Five Canons of Rhetoric”—and then the entries for each of the five canons: “Invention” (plus “Topics of Invention”), “Arrangement” “Style,” “Memory,” and “Delivery” Silva Rhetorica readings: 1. In three to four sentences, paraphrase the Silva Rhetorica page “What is rhetoric?” 2. “Rhetorical Pedagogy: a. What does pedagogy mean? b.
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