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Rhetorical Foundations Spring 2011 Name: Group: Reading Questions: Lloyd Bitzer Reading Assignment : Lloyd Bitzer’s classic essay, “The Rhetorical Situation,” published in the first volume of the important journal, Philosophy and Rhetoric (1968), and available as a PDF file on CULearn. Lloyd Bitzer, “The Rhetorical Situation” 1. What is a rhetorical situation? What is its relationship to rhetoric? a. Type up important quotes from throughout the article that help you answer that question. Identify them by page number. b. Explain the idea in your own words. 2. At one point Bitzer says that rhetoric is ‘pragmatic’ and discusses its relation to reality. What is he saying about rhetoric there? Give quotes, and then explain them in your own
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Unformatted text preview: words. 3. Explain the idea of exigence. 4. Explain what Bitzer means by rhetorical audience. 5. Carefully read Bitzer’s explanation of ‘constraints,’ which he uses that term in an unusual way. What does Bitzer mean by ‘constraints’? 6. What does it mean for a response to be “fitting”? 7. What does he say about rhetorical situations ‘maturing’ and ‘decaying’? What examples does he give? 8. Provide an example of a contemporary ‘rhetorical situation’ explaining the exigence, the rhetorical audience, and at least 2 constraints. Is this situation maturing? Has it decayed? Explain your response....
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