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Theory Study Guide - Final - COMM 3210 Study Guide Final...

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COMM 3210 Study Guide – Final Exam Exam Date: 4:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Wednesday, December 15, 2010 Unit I Metadiscourse o What it is, how it relates to discourse, examples o Its role in modern society, what this says about communication o How it relates to communication theory Communication Framing o What framing is, how it works, how it relates to points of view o Communication as a problem frame, other competing problem frames o Use of communication theories as problem frames o How this relates to our course Models/views of communication o Linear/Transmission view as described by Deetz, Carey o What is meant by the term “constitutive”? o System model (Deetz) as a constitutive model o Ritual model (Carey) as a constitutive model o Compare system and ritual views o Be able to describe the same communication event from a Metatheory, what it is, scientific and practical perspectives o The concept of theory, two basic elements of theory o Theories as abstractions and constructions What does this tell us about how to evaluate theories o Traditional ideal of scientific theory – five major concepts o Alternative paradigm (practical theory) Assumptions that practical theory questions How theory relates to practice in each perspective o Practical Theory: Communication as a practice (Craig) What is a practice What is a normative discourse and how does it relate to a practice Why might we call communication a practice How does communication as a practice differ from a natural function like breathing How does viewing communication as a practice change the way we see the relationship between theory and practice What are the three principles of practical theory discussed in this reading - be able to explain each one o Communication theory as a Field (Craig) Why comm theory did not develop as a coherent field Dialogical-dialectical coherence
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Theory Study Guide - Final - COMM 3210 Study Guide Final...

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