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Schiappa and Billig RQ - Name: Michelle Praxmarer Group #:...

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Name: Michelle Praxmarer Group #: 25 Reading Questions: Protagoras through the Eyes of Schiappa and Billig Schiappa “Protagoras and Logos”: 1. List at least 4 ways to define the word “sophist.” 1) “one who makes use of fallacious arguments; a specious reasoner.” 2) “one who is distinguished for learning; a wise or learned man.” 3) “one specially engaged in the pursuit or communication of knowledge; esp. one who undertook to give instruction in intellectual and ethical matters in return for payment.” 4) “an athlete in contests of words—specifically disputation, and, though the speakers are dubious.” (Schiappa 2003:4-5) 2. What role did Plato play in influencing the view of the Sophists? Plato was one of the first people to attempt to define Sophistry, “giving [the name] ‘sophist’ a more precise and technical meaning,” (Schiappa 2003:7) Schiappa (2003:5) explains the plays of the Old Greek Comedies could have played a major role in fostering a diminished respectability of the title of Sophist. Plato’s views were so powerful and unique that they remained the standard definition for most of ancient Greece’s history. 3. List and provide a brief description of the 4 reasons Schiappa gives to justify the study of Protagoras. 1) “the Sophists deserve study as individual thinkers and not simply as a movement.” Schiappa purposes to avoid generalizations about specific individuals like Protagoras and understand not all people who identified as Sophists had
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Schiappa and Billig RQ - Name: Michelle Praxmarer Group #:...

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