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RQ 1.27 Protagoras

RQ 1.27 Protagoras - each of Protagoras’ fragments Billig...

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Name: Group #: Reading Questions: Protagoras through the Eyes of Schiappa and Billig Schiappa “Protagoras and Logos”: 1. List at least 4 ways to define the word “sophist.” 2. What role did Plato play in influencing the view of the Sophists? 3. List and provide a brief description of the 4 reasons Schiappa gives to justify the study of Protagoras. Protagoras Fragments: 1. Summarize what Protagoras seems to be saying in each of the three fragments included in today’s reading (at the top of the Billig reading). Provide at least one implication stemming from
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Unformatted text preview: each of Protagoras’ fragments. Billig, “The Genius of Protagoras”: 1. What does Billig mean by “the two-sidedness of human thinking”? 2. Explain the individual and the social meanings of argument and how they are connected. 3. Translate and explain the terms “logos” and “anti-logos.” 4. Explain the following quote in light of Protagoras’ ideas of logos and anti-logos: “The power of speech…is the power to challenge silent obedience by opening arguments.”...
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