BEH 225 week 4 assignment

BEH 225 week 4 assignment - 1. How did you interpret the...

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1. How did you interpret the problem? When I first read the problem in my mind I thought the problem would be easy to solve. I figured I would not have any trouble completing the task after reading the class material and what needed to be done on the problem solving activity. Once I started to complete the task however I learned that my rushing into trying to solve the problem was not the smartest idea because I did not take any time at all to really evaluate the situation but rather just solve. This was a great exercise on what not to do when problem solving and how to correctly problem solve. 2. What strategy did you use and how did you evaluate your progress? The first strategy I used was the trial and error but for a problem like this it was not quite working out. First i tried taking the cat across and then the dog and the dog ate the cat, so then I tried taking the cat across and then the mouse and of course the cat ate the mouse, so naturally I tried a different strategy which was the heuristics strategy. I figured that in order for this whole
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