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BEH 225 week 7 checkpoint

BEH 225 week 7 checkpoint - 1 What are the different ways...

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1. What are the different ways in which we evaluate people? In today’s society people are evaluated in many different ways. The most common way we evaluate other is by their appearance. Often times we are reeled in to conversate with a person who is similar in some kind of way with us whether it is by appearance or actions. At other times or another we tend to evaluate people based on the things they posses or don’t posses. It is only after we really get to know the person that we pay attention to their moral value and beliefs, this is when we see the person for what is on the inside instead of on the outside. 2. How do these factors play a role in our expectations of other people? The way we evaluate others helps to create stereotypes and notions. Stereotypes are based on misguided judgments and notions are based on pre concieved ideas that we gather about people from assumptions. Because of these stereotypes and notions we expect certain types of people to act and talk in a certain way. Although sometimes our
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