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Com220 capstone checkpoint

Com220 capstone checkpoint - assignments so that I could...

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Now that my research paper is finished, I would advise any student starting this course to choose a topic that they can relate to. Choosing a topic that they can relate to is important because it makes it easy to accomplish all that is required for the assignments in the course. If I were able to do this course all over again I would have choose a topic I was comfortable with, I would also participate more in the discussion weeks. Participating in the discussion helps maintain a higher grade because it is a free 20 points to make up for any losses on assignments. I would have put more focus into my research paper instead the
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Unformatted text preview: assignments so that I could have maximized my research to the best of my ability. There is nothing I would focus less on because it is all an important process towards getting the research paper done. Although this class is coming to an end the things that I have learned I will carry with me into my next classes. This class is a great refresher on grammar and writing. I would have started on my paper the first week instead of waiting until the assignments were due to start the work. There is a lot more ease when things are done in a timely fashion or ahead of time....
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