Com220 week 8 checkpoint

Com220 week 8 checkpoint - the feedback as I prepare my...

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I got very helpful feedback from my peer reviewer. They helped me see the information that I did not need in my research paper and areas where I could use more detail and examples. The center for writing excellence showed me where my spell and grammar check did not catch errors. My instructor gave me helpful tips on improving my research paper as a whole. All my feedback was very helpful in a way so that my paper can the best it can be. I will incorporate all
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Unformatted text preview: the feedback as I prepare my final draft. I will reread and exam all areas that needed improvement and use my peers feedback as well as my instructor to work out the kinks. The feedback provided a clear view of mistakes and errors I missed. I chose to use the feedback and change the wording in my conclusion as not to imply parents as being lazy and also adding more details to heighten the research paper so that it is not vague and unclear in any parts....
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