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Com220 writing assessment

Com220 writing assessment - x | a htlpsflasa...

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Unformatted text preview: . . . . ._ x |' a htlpsflasa p.phoenilwdufstudemiwn[ICEMagpx‘fstudem]D2901MWMEntmetmmmmmeWATSDNfilw orkfli a a: A Dal! Slam oaloslzom (9:49 PM} Date 41- Qmfions filnfirmfinn at Compietad oaloslzom (11:23 PM} 15 9 123 54643 Copy and paste your individual FEUHS for the quiz into a new post in your Imividllfl forum. Type Wnung Assessment in the subject 7 Tools v 0' line oi this post. If you experience technical clifiiculty with the quiz. please call Tech Support. If there are multiple attempis to aocfis the quiz. you will be referred to your instructor. Technical Support at 1—555—334—7332 is available 24 hours a clay. 7 days a week (excluding holidays}. . Internet | Plateded Mode: 0n Embed This Video: Yahoo! Search ...
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