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COM 220 WK 1 ASSIGNMENT - villainy of Boss Jim Getty’s...

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Throughout the speech there were several examples of bias, fallacies and rhetorical devices identified. The bias that was identified was the political bias against Boss Jim W. Getty’s political party and state leadership. There was also a bias found towards the “rich” or well- to- do citizens as the speaker created an illusion to the opinion that “ordinary people” and working class people are unappreciated and mistreated. The fallacies found were apple polishing, ad hominen, and scapegoating. An example of apple polishing is when the campaigner states “the fighting liberal, the friend of the working man” this is considered apple polishing because the statement appeals to Kane’s ego. There were a lot of ad hominens found in the speech such as “the evil domination of Boss Jim Getty” and “to point out and make public dishonesty the downright
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Unformatted text preview: villainy, of Boss Jim Getty’s political machines. Kane used scapegoating by blaming his opponent for problems that could occur in the future. The speaker addressed arguments by pointing fingers and making his opponent look to be the bad guy. None of the speakers’ arguments are strong or effective; the speaker only uses a lot of opinion and not enough facts to get a point across. Kane tries to blindfold the low income people into believing that in so many words he is their way out of the slums. This speeches’ bias state is not uncommon due to the fact that it is a campaign. All campaigns are arranged in this matter because there can only be one winner and that winner is usually the one that appeals the most to the audience or voters in this case....
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