CRT 205 Assignment week 3

CRT 205 Assignment week 3 - market. I am not at all...

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The “Giuliani remembers 9/11” CNN clip was paid for by CNN. The Pedigree commercial was paid for by Mars, Inc. I detected no slant in the CNN clip; but I did find a slight slant in the pedigree commercial. The pedigree commercial tries to insinuate to pet lovers that it’s the best brand without downing other pet foods, sort of like sly advertising. The CNN clip shows society as vulnerable and helpless. The pedigree commercial show society as over feeding their pets. Both sources are credible. The Larry King show has always been a credible source of news. Giuliani is credible because he experienced the events of 9/11 first hand. Pedigree is a credible source because it has scientist and specialist that test the product before it is put on the
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Unformatted text preview: market. I am not at all skeptical of either source; I watch Larry King news and I also watched Giuliani as Mayor he is very compassionate and caring individual. I am not skeptical of the Pedigree ad because as a pet owner I use pedigree for my dogs. The pedigree ad makes a claim that your dog will be healthier with the pedigree light. The ad plays into the fear of pet owners losing their pet because unhealthy eating habits. The ad targets the existing fear of losing pet to pet owners who have already lost a pet. The ad tries to invoke feeling as well as be comical. Based on the ad I would not purchase the product being that it used a small dog and had the dogs weight make a car shift did not appeal to me. It wasnt realistic....
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